DIY Wine Barrel

Are you a person who has a bunch of extra wine barrels not being used? Well have no fear, your DIY wine barrel projects are here!

Wine Barrel Airplane

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s a wine barrel! Turn your unused wine barrel into this fun creation. This airplane makes a great gift and is a super fun project to undertake! This can fit about 2 people and that’s just PLANE awesome! Perfect for a photo opportunity at any gathering. 

Wine Barrel Patio Heater

It’s getting hot in here, so take apart your barrels! Transform your patio with this amazing wine barrel patio heater. Replace empty propane tanks with an easy to use door, perfect way to reuse a wine barrel!

Wine Barrel Ice Cooler

Ice out your house with this DIY wine cooler. Perfectly paired with any Rocky Top Wine Trail wine! This fantastic wine cooler even sports a bottle opener for a whole day of fun. Channel your inner party animal and create this today! 

Wine Barrel Planter

I beg your garden? You heard that right, a DIY wine barrel planter! Light up any outdoor space with your unused wine barrel, have no fear, your summer planter is here! Create yours before the summer season is upon us!

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