Muscadine Wine


If you\’ve been on the Rocky Top Wine Trail, you\’ve surely tasted our signature

Muscadine Wine.


But what makes Muscadines so special?  It\’s the unique combination of soil, climate, and best growing practices that make all the difference!

Check out the video below to find out!  Then if you\’d like to order some Muscadine wine to have at home, visit the shopping cart at:





Many of our grapes come from Tsali  Notch Vineyards!  

Named after a historic Cherokee leader, Tsali Notch is located in Monroe County, approximately nine miles off of Interstate 75, in the Tennessee Overhill Heritage Area and on your way to the Cherohala Skyway! The vineyard specializes in muscadine grapes, grown on over 6000 vines on 21 miles of trellis, covering 35 acres of a 202-acre estate. The property has an average elevation of 1150 feet and is ringed by sweeping mountain views.

Featuring a large party barn, a reconstructed log building tasting room, and a recently refurbished 19th-century, two-room farmhouse christened The Jackson Lounge, Tsali Notch Vineyard is host to weddings, reunions, and other special events. Then during harvest season in September and October, we welcome individuals and families to pick muscadines for their own juice, jelly and winemaking—or just to enjoy our offerings!

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