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Do you want to go to Dollywood but need some help planning your trip? Read on for tips and tricks for a flawless day at Dollywood!

Best Places to Park

Parking at theme parks is never fun, but Dollywood makes it the typical hassle manageable by giving guests multiple parking options to choose from. Standard parking is the most popular option, but to save yourself a tram trip or long walk to the entrance, you could purchase preferred parking for $41. However, the cheapest option that will save you money but not time is to take the Pigeon Forge Trolley! For just $3, you can park at a trolley stop and hop on the trolley that will take you right to the front entrance of Dollywood. The easiest place to park for the trolley is Patriot Park in the Old Mill District of Pigeon Forge. If you choose to park there, you’ll be just a few minutes walk to Mill Bridge Winery, where you can sample wines or ciders along the river!

Cut the Line

If you choose to go to Dollywood in the summer, you likely will be dealing with big crowds! Wait times can get to be very long, especially for popular coasters like the Lightning Rod or Big Bear, and you might not be able to fit in all the rides you want as a result. For $60, you can purchase a time saver pass and skip right past the line and save yourself hours of waiting. If you only have one day at the park, this is definitely a smart way to spend your money.

Best Food Options

If there’s only one thing you eat on your trip to Dollywood, it must be the cinnamon bread! The line will likely be out the door, but for good reason, as it is such a delicious sweet treat. For a proper meal, there are plenty of restaurant options throughout the park, a fan favorite is Aunt Granny’s, an American-style all you can eat buffet.

Other Insider Dollywood Tips

In addition to all the other tips mentioned, there are a few more things to keep in mind to save yourself time and money! Dollywood offers free ice water at all food locations, but you can also bring in a reusable water bottle and fill up at one of the many refill stations around the park. The Tennessee sun can be brutal, so be sure to stay hydrated! Another trick is to download the Dollywood app before going, as you will easily be able to see all the wait times from your phone and plan your rides accordingly.

How to Wrap Up Your Day

After a long day at Dollywood, most people like to relax. Whether you just spent the day running around with your kids, or going on every coaster with friends, you likely won’t have too much energy left! A great way to unwind is to sip on some wine. Only a five minute drive from Dollywood, Hillside Winery in Sevierville (Dolly’s hometown!) offers free wine tastings, wine by the glass, slushies, and bottles to take home. 

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