Black Bear Facts

Have you always thought the American Black Bears are fascinating to see and want to know more information about these friends of the Smokies? This is your chance to read about black bear facts! Also, be sure to check out our very own VIP Wine Trail tour!

What Do They Look Like?

The most commonly encountered native bear in the United States is the American Black Bear. Black bears often have thick black coats, yet they may also have dark brown, cinnamon, or yellow-brown coats. They have small brown eyes (blue at birth). It’s got light gray skin. Black bears fluctuate in size from 4-7 feet in width from snout to tail, and they also stand 2-3 feet height at their shoulders. It includes huge ears, a long brown nose, circular ears, an enormous physique, and a short tail. Males usually weigh around 150-300 pounds; while females weigh around 130 pounds. Here you can find more information on how to distinguish the different species of all bears and more black bear facts!

Where Do They Live?

Throughout the forests of Canada, the United States, and Mexico, American Black Bears may be encountered. Almost all of North America’s forest-covered regions had been previously accessible for black bears. The environments which black bears occupy are diverse. Black bears can be spotted primarily in heavily forested places with dense underbrush, with a variety of fruits, nuts, and plant life. Black Bears spend the winter months hibernating in shelters.

What is Their Diet?

Omnivorous American Black Bears exist. The food they consume includes mainly of plants. The primary sources of food of American black bears consist of plants, including grasses, herbs, roots, buds, and shoots. Honey, nuts, fruit, berries, and seeds are also included in a black bear’s diet. Black bears also consume fish, small mammals, bugs, animal carcasses, and trash. Black bears in the northern region consume fish which they capture in a body of water.

The Behaviors

The majority of black bears begin to move approximately 30 minutes before the rising of the sun; they relax for a while throughout the remainder of the day. Ultimately they return for the evening approximately one hour after sundown. Several black bears tend to remain energetic at night since they want to stay away from humans along with other black bears. Black bears can be fast and they can run up to 30 miles per hour! Who would ever thought black bears are excellent swimmers! These friends of the Smokies have proven to be highly successful hibernators. Black bears fall asleep for weeks without consuming food or needing to urinate. These facts about black bears seem to be very interesting!


Lastly, these black bear facts are focused on reproduction. Aside for moms with newborns, throughout the mating season, or if they gather at feeding regions, American black bears reside independently. June and July are the months of the year that black bears mate. Following a 215-day gestation, cubs appear in January or February. On average, there are typically 2 to 3 cubs each litter, yet the total can reach 5. Cubs usually stay with their moms for about 2 years to learn how to hunt and survive.

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