Pinkie Mistry holding a glass of wine at Hillside Winery.

Behind the Wings in Tennessee

Ever wondered who’s “Behind the Wings” of the butterfly murals located in Sevier County, Tennessee? Here’s some insight on the artist who creates the beautiful artwork!

Meet Pinkie

Pinkie Mistry is a local artist who grew up in Sevierville, TN. She began drawing and creating art ever since she was a little kid. Pinkie’s creativity only grew from there! She eventually went to study Graphic Design at Pellissippi State and Art at Maryville College in Tennessee. Now she is a skilled painter and graphic designer! To learn more about Pinkie check out her page!

Wings of Wander

Eventually, Pinkie’s skills helped her land her first gig, which was working for the Rocky Top Wine Trail! Over at Hillside Winery, she painted all the wine labels and even some limited-edition wines, including the “Pink Series” back in 2015. Be sure to stop by & check out her work at Hillside Winery and on her website! Don\’t forget that Hillside Winery is part of the Rocky Top Wine Trail, so stop by for some free samples and pick up a bottle or two!

Currently, there are three butterfly murals in Sevier County, one located in Downtown Sevierville, one at Hillside Winery, and one at Mill Bridge Winery, both outside on the patio! There is also a Gatlinburg Mural located in the Smokies, which a top tourist photo stop. Feel free to take your picture in front of the wings and use the hashtag #WingsofWander. Pinkie mentioned that there will “definitely be more murals soon”, so be on the lookout!

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