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Muscadine Wine

  If you\’ve been on the Rocky Top Wine Trail, you\’ve surely tasted our signature Muscadine Wine.   But what makes Muscadines so special?  It\’s the unique combination of soil, climate, and best growing practices that make all the difference! Check out the video below to find out!  Then if you\’d like to order some

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Best Movies About Wine

The best way to enjoy movies about wine? With wine! Pop a bottle and some popcorn, get your favorite blanket, and settle in for a movie night! According to, these are the best movies out there that feature our favorite subject — wine, of course! 1. The Secret of Santa Vittoria (1969) In Santa

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Desserts Made With Wine

We love to cook with wine…and sometimes we even put it in our food! I\’m sure you\’ve heard of using wine in sauces and savory dishes, but did you know you can put them in dessert, too? Check out a few of our favorite recipes below and learn all about desserts made with wine! Red

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A Thanksgiving Wine Pairing Guide: The Best Foods to Go With Wine

A Thanksgiving Wine Pairing Guide: The Best Foods to Go With Wine There are many great foods to pair with wine during the Thanksgiving season. Check out this Thanksgiving wine pairing guide to learn more. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to spend with family and eat a lot of delicious food. Nothing pairs better with

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